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Capsaicin nasal spray

Capsaicin nasal spray
Neusspray met pepers er in verwerkt

A recent article in the science section of the New York Times featured the headache relieving powers of Capsaicin, the natural chemical that dictates the heat of hot peppers. The article noted several clinical trials rightfully backing up the claim that hot peppers can stop headaches, but according to a small company in upstate New York, the concept is nothing new.
SiCap Industries, LLC launched the world’s first commercial capsaicin headache nasal spray in 2003 under the brand name Sinus Buster. Today the brand features a variety of hot pepper nasal sprays designed to relieve headaches, sinus problems and much more. Since its launch, Sinus Buster has become a top seller in drug stores, supermarkets and health food shops throughout North America.
It all started in 1995 when Wayne Perry, a former self defense instructor landed a guest spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Perry was infamous for his live self defense pepper spray demonstrations. After teaching Oprah to use defensive pepper spray on her show, he was deluged with requests to be blasted in the face at venues across America.
Wayne had suffered from chronic cluster headaches most of his life, but never had an attack during a live pepper spray demonstration. Then in 1996 after being sprayed more than 50 times for live audiences, Perry made the discovery of a lifetime. Only seconds before being sprayed with real police pepper spray for a live television news segment, Perry was hit with a terrible cluster headache attack. Knowing the show had to go on, he allowed the news reporter to spray him. Within seconds his headache was completely gone, and the world’s first capsaicin nasal spray was born.
“My head was killing me, but once the pepper went up my nose I felt great. My headache was gone within seconds. I knew I had to find a way to pack the power of hot peppers in a commercial nasal spray, so I experimented with natural hot pepper extracts for a couple years until I found a formula that stopped my headaches every time,” says Perry.
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